Boost iManage Work
with IRIS PowerTools.

Gain functionality. Work more efficient.
Enjoy an enhanced user experience.

Boost iManage Work
with IRIS PowerTools.

Gain functionality. Work more efficient.
Enjoy an enhanced user experience.

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IRIS PowerTools

A quick to deploy and easy to use extension to streamline day-to-day user- and administrative tasks in iManage Work like workspace creation and management, folder-management, reporting and analytics, security, server-side refiling and much more , saving time and reducing costs.


  • Capture and re-use corporate knowledge in iManage Work to gain competitive advantage and improve client service
  • Speed up or automate common and repetitive iManage Work tasks such as Workspace creation and reporting
  • Trashbin makes retrieving accidentally deleted documents quick and easy for iManage Work users, making them more self-sufficient


  • A single, familiar look and feel to all add-ons, with optional corporate branding
  • Modern HTML5 software design, built on standards, provides an extendable platform
  • Select from an extensive range of addons to meet your organisation’s needs
  • Lower the cost and time of iManage Work add-on administration with web-based tools and just a minor client installation.

The choice
is yours!

Compare the two editions of IRIS PowerTools. Start with the FREE edition and decide for yourself if an upgrade to premium is worth the money.

Unsure about what edition to choose? Contact us or follow one of our webinars!

It has dashboards!


€ 0

Per User/Month
  • Dashboard
  • Quick actions
  • Analytics
  • PDF create
  • Integration services
  • Serverside actions
  • Documentation
  • Help function
  • Installation support
  • Support desk


IRIS PowerTools keeps evolving

IRIS PowerTools is mobile friendly!

with more than

based on
  • Connector.

    Power up!

    Enhance iManage Work, for business and IT users! Dashboard, analytics, quick-actions.. it’s all there!

  • Connector.


    Start with the FREE version, or pay a monthly fee per user per month. Flexibility to the maximum!

  • Connector.

    Easy to deploy

    The setup of IRIS PowerTools has very limited impact on the client and makes the life of an IT admin easy.

  • Connector.

    Fully compatible

    IRIS PowerTools works with all supported versions of iManage Work, including the latest 9.3!

  • Connector.

    Responsive layout

    Webbased and available on all devices, you can access IRIS PowerTools anyplace, anywhere, anytime!

  • Connector.

    Your corporate identity

    Your logo, your customer’s or a christmas theme? Style PowerTools to your needs with the click of your mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We support all kinds of implementations, whether it’s on premises, in a private or a hybrid cloud. We can even host iManage Work for you!
Absolutely! No costs whatsoever. Simply enjoy the enhancement of an already amazing iManage Work.
Every iManage administrator with an average skill level (ICSE would be great) can install and configure IRIS PowerTools. We provide you with a proper installation guide. The premium version of IRIS PowerTools comes with an installation service by IRIS.
IRIS PowerTools is compatible with every version of Work (previously WorkSite) that is supported by iManage. So no worries!
Every version of IRIS PowerTools comes with documentation, including a user manual.
Yes, if you have purchased IRIS addons for iManage Work in the past, and they’re still under support, please contact us. If a new version of your addons is supported by IRIS PowerTools you get a free upgrade!
IRIS PowerTools gets frequent updates, all release notes and planned new features can be found in our development section.
Sure! If you’re as passionate about iManage as we are, we’d love to have you resell our modules. Please contact our sales department for more info.
We love most browsers. Currently tested browsers include Chrome 10.x, Firefox 10.x and Internet Explorer 10 and up.
Yes, if you have an existing installation of the free versions, upgrading to premium is nothing more than entering a new license code. Contact us for an upgrade.
We’re a long-lasting partner of iManage, our love dates back to 2002. As a stable company we are now the largest iManage partner in Continental Europe. Based in the Netherlands, we’re part of the IRIS Group and a member of Canon Europe. Read more about us!
Is you’re question not in the FAQ? Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!